B2Go Market Radius Profile - SAMPLE REPORT

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[621210] Offices of Dentists

Market Centerpoint: 3.5 mile radius from 3200 market street, 17011 , PA

  • Radius Industry Locations 37
    Radius Industry Employment 392
    Total Annual Radius Industry Sales ($) 43,102,702
    Average Annual Radius Industry Sales ($) 1,164,938
    Radius Industry Sales per Employee ($) 109,956
    Radius Industry Sales per Household ($)
    US Industry Sales per Household ($) 908
    Radius Industry Sales per Person ($)
    US Industry Sales per Person ($) 336
    Client Market Performance Benchmarks 
    Client Sales Rank of [37] Industry Operations13/37
    Client Variance From Average Sales (%)7.62
    Client Market Share (%)2.9
    Client Sales per Employee ($)125,365
    Client Sales per Employee variance from industry (%)14.01
    Discretionary Owner Earnings (%)29.85
    Pre-Tax Net Profit (%)13.51
    Return on Net Worth (%)112.31
    Return on Assets (%)37.79
    Current Liabilities: Net Worth (%)0.49
    Long Term Liabilities: Net Worth (%)1.49
    Total Liabilities: Net Worth (%)1.97
    EBITDA (%)15.22
    Quick Ratio (x)1.42
    Current Ratio (x)1.64
    Days Receivables23.85
    Days Payable23.93
    Days Inventory2.34
    Rent: Sales (%)5.38
    Rent per Employee ($)5,918
    Total population
    5-9 Years
    10-14 Years
    15-19 Years
    20-24 Years
    25-34 Years
    35-44 Years
    45-54 Years
    55-59 Years
    60-64 Years
    65-74 Years
    75-84 Years
    85-plus Years
    Median Age
    Hispanic (all races)
    African American
    Native American
    Asian Indian
    2-plus Races
    Population: 16-plus Years
    Labor force
    Mean Commute (minutes)
    Civilian Labor Force
    Civilian employment
    Work at Home
    Total households
    <$10k Income
    <$10k-14.9k Income
    <$15k-24.9k Income
    <$25k-34.9k Income
    <$35k-49.9k Income
    <$50k-74.9k Income
    <$75k-99.9k Income
    <$100k-149.9k Income
    <$150k-199.9k Income
    >$200k Income
    Median HH Income ($)
    Mean HH Income ($)
    Per Capita Income ($)
    % Families < Poverty Level
    % People < Poverty Level
    Population 25+ Years
    High School Graduate
    Some College (no degree)
    Associate's Degree
    Bachelor's degree
    Graduate/Professional degree
    % High School Graduate or Higher (total)
    % Bachelor's Degree or Higher (total)
    Total Housing Units
    Occupied Housing Units
    Type of Housing
    1 Unit Detached Housing Structures
    1 Unit Attached Housing Structures
    2 Unit Housing Structures
    3-4 Unit Housing Structures
    5-9 Unit Housing Structures
    10-19 Unit Housing Structures
    20-plus Unit Housing Structures
    Mobile Home Housing Units
    Boat-RV-Van Housing Units
    Age of Housing
    Housing Built 2010 or Later
    Housing Built 2000-2009
    Housing Built 1990-1999
    Housing Built 1980-1989
    Housing Built 1970-1979
    Housing Built 1960-1969
    Housing Built 1950-1959
    Housing Built 1940-1949
    Housing Built 1939 or Before
    Occupants per Unit
    Units with < 1 Occupant Per Room
    Units with 1.1-1.5 Occupants Per Room
    Units with 1.51-plus Occupants Per Room
    Median Value of Owner Occupied Units ($)
    Owner Occupied Units: Value < $50k
    Owner Occupied Units: Value $50k-$99.9k
    Owner Occupied Units: Value $100k-$149.9k
    Owner Occupied Units: Value $150k-$199.9k
    Owner Occupied Units: Value $200k-$299.9k
    Owner Occupied Units: Value $300k-$499.9k
    Owner Occupied Units: Value $500k-$999.9k
    Owner Occupied Units: Value >$1 Million
    Owner-Occupied Units with Mortgage
    Owner-Occupied Units without Mortgage
    Occupied Units Paying Rent
    Median Rent Paid
    Occupied Units Paying <$500 Rent
    Occupied Units Paying $500-$999 Rent
    Occupied Units Paying $1000-$1499 Rent
    Occupied Units Paying $1500-$1999 Rent
    Occupied Units Paying $2000-$2499 Rent
    Occupied Units Paying $2500-$2999 Rent
    Occupied Units Paying $3000 or More Rent
    Rent Paid < 15% of Income (Households)
    Rent Paid 15%-19.9% of Income (Households)
    Rent Paid 20%-24.9% of Income (Households)
    Rent Paid 25%-29.9% of Income (Households)
    Rent Paid 30%-34.9% of Income (Households)
    Rent Paid 35%-plus of Income (Households)

    Competitive Industry Locations From Your Market Area Centerpoint:
    [621210] Offices of Dentists

    Map Number Company Name Distance From Your Market Centerpoint (closest 250) Estimated Sales (closest 100)
    1 NBRACES CORP0.16 Miles$500k-$999k
    2 HILTON-DIMINICK ORTHODONTIC0.20 Miles$1m-$1.99m
    3 SHEDLOSKY & PANAS0.28 Miles$500k-$999k
    4 JOSHUA M GREENBERG PC0.30 Miles$1-$499k
    5 WOOD-MYERS ORAL-MAXILLOFACIAL0.31 Miles$2m-$2.99m
    6 PATCHIN FAMILY DENTISTRY0.41 Miles$1-$499k
    7 MCCRACKEN FAMILY DENTISTRY0.61 Miles$1m-$1.99m
    8 MARINAK & GLOSSNER PC0.68 Miles$1m-$1.99m
    9 CAMP HILL DENTIST0.83 Miles$1m-$1.99m
    10 VERBER FAMILY DENTISTRY0.87 Miles$3m-$3.99m
    11 SAUVE FAMILY DENTISTRY0.90 Miles$500k-$999k
    12 WEST SHORE SMILES1.00 Miles$500k-$999k
    13 MICHAEL B VENER DDS1.10 Miles$1-$499k
    14 BEAUDRY ORAL-MAXILLOFACIAL SRG1.14 Miles$500k-$999k
    15 PLA ENDODONTICS ASSOC1.14 Miles$500k-$999k
    16 BRACELAND ORTHODONTIC & BRACES1.14 Miles$500k-$999k
    17 WETZEL PERIODONTICS-DENTAL1.14 Miles$1m-$1.99m
    18 CAPITAL CITY DENTAL CTR1.20 Miles$1m-$1.99m
    19 KRAVITZ & MILLER1.21 Miles$1m-$1.99m
    20 SMILE PLUS DENTISTRY1.27 Miles$500k-$999k
    21 CENTER STREET FAMILY DENTISTRY1.27 Miles$500k-$999k
    22 POOJA MAYOR DDS1.27 Miles$1-$499k
    23 AMMERMAN DEVEY ENDODONTICS1.31 Miles$1-$499k
    24 NESTER & MATHIAS DENTAL ASSOC1.47 Miles$1m-$1.99m
    25 MYSHIN PROSTHODONTICS PC1.49 Miles$500k-$999k
    26 FOX DENTAL LTD1.79 Miles$500k-$999k
    28 KEARNS & ASHBY PC1.97 Miles$3m-$3.99m
    29 TRINDLE FAMILY DENTISTRY2.24 Miles$1-$499k
    30 SMILE CRAFTERS ORTHODONTICS2.38 Miles$500k-$999k
    31 LIFETIME DENTAL USA2.41 Miles$500k-$999k
    32 SMILES ON TRINDLE DENTAL CARE2.93 Miles$1m-$1.99m
    33 PASTUCKA DENTAL ASSOC3.12 Miles$500k-$999k
    34 MINIUM & KEARNS3.13 Miles$2m-$2.99m
    35 DENTAL HEALTH ASSOC3.32 Miles$500k-$999k
    36 HARRISBURG DENTAL HEALTH ASSOC3.32 Miles$500k-$999k
    37 SUSQUEHANNA DENTAL WEST3.40 Miles$1m-$1.99m